Monday, 31 August 2015

Harvest Monday - 31 August 2015

Urgh! What horrible weather we have had this last week. Torrents of rain; black skies; wind; temperatures more appropriate to March rather than August. I haven't been out in the garden very much, that's for sure. Just a few brief forays to bring in the harvests.

This is Wednesday evening's basket, containing Runner Beans, "Kew Blue" (French) beans, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Aided by the rain no doubt, the beans are doing well now. The Runners are big and juicy.

The cucumbers (Diva and Mini Munch) are not so impressive. They are not what I would consider good specimens. However, they taste all right - quite sweet in fact. The skins are a bit tough, but that's OK because we peel them off before eating anyway.

The tomatoes don't like the rain though. Many of them are splitting (see next photo). Because of this I have been picking them a bit under-ripe and finishing them off indoors. A split tomato is OK to eat as long as you use it straight away. They go bad quickly if you keep them.

That pointed one is an attractive tomato, don't you think? IT is one of the "Possena del Vesuvio" ones.

On Thursday I harvested another pot of potatoes. These are "Sarpo Kifli", another of the disease-resistant varieties from the Sarvari Trust.

Weighing in at 974g, with 22 tubers of useable size, this is a decent yield from one seed tuber.

This was Sunday - Runner Beans and more tomatoes:

Runner Beans - about 650g here

Mostly "Maskotka", with some "Primabella".

Oh, and I nearly forgot, this Lettuce. We have Lettuce from the garden "on demand", so I sometimes forget to mention harvesting it. This one is a "Can Can".

Its leaves are very deeply serrated, more reminiscent of an Endive than a Lettuce.

This is my entry for Harvest Monday, hosted by Daphne over on Daphne's Dandelions. Please visit her blog to see what others have been harvesting this week.


  1. Ditto the the weather. Your Wednesday harvest basket is pretty as a oil painting.I am envious of your lettuce though, I have lost all mine AGAIN to the slugs, no homegrown salad leaves for me.
    PS how do you add the 'You might also like' link to your blog?

    1. Hi Shaheen; In the Layout screen of the Blogger Dashboard, choose "Add a Gadget" and add the one called LinkWithin.

    2. I found a tutorial how to do it, thanks all the same.

  2. Thanks Mark, but I don't seem to have that option in my 'Add a Gadget'.

  3. Like Shaheen, I'm very envious of your lettuce. My fall starts are growing ever so slowly - I'm not sure whether they will size up before the first frost hits. And those beans look amazing - I'm missing fresh green beans, especially watching everyone else's lovely harvests roll in.

  4. My family all love cucumber skin and I hate it, so any cucumber with a tough, almost inedible skin sounds like the perfect fruit to me! Well done for getting out and harvesting - I have taken to looking guiltily in the direction of the veg patch and heating up pizza.

  5. Sorry for the horrid weather, but it actually sounds nice. You can send some of the excess rain this way, please. Beans, tomatoes and cukes sounds like summer to me. Youare harvesting some beautiful vegetables.

  6. That harvest basket is just beautiful. I envy the lettuce though. It looks like my fall lettuce is disappearing. Something is eating it. It could be the slugs (not that I've seen any) or the birds. The plants are so small it is hard to tell.

  7. Beautiful harvest Mark! I'm so looking forward to when I can get some fresh lettuces again. I can plant in October, so it's still a ways off.

  8. I can see why that lettuce is named Can Can, it looks like a frilly petticoat. The runners certainly seem to be enjoying the cold and wet, they look perfect. But how truly aggravating to have such awful weather at this time of year. Hope you get some decent weather soon.

  9. It's strange because our Mini Munch cucumbers have smooth skins which aren't at all tough. Do you think you are letting them grow too big?


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