Thursday, 6 August 2015


My cucumber plants have not produced much yet. The first of the two "Mini Munch" plants has given me three fruits so far, but the first of the "Diva" has yet to be picked. Whilst tying-in the plant I found this very anaemic-looking cucumber nestled amongst the lower leaves:

In this next photo you can see the cucumber right at the bottom, just above the rim of the container.

The four plants in the container have got quite big now, and the cucumber in question had been concealed by the big leaves, so presumably it didn't get enough light. Normally "Diva" has dark green skin.

I have removed a couple of leaves, and rearranged some others, to let some more light in, so maybe this fruit will green-up over the next couple of days? We'll see.


  1. My cucumbers are really slow this year has been such a dull, drab summer hasn't it

  2. I was getting a good run of cucumbers for a while, but they have started to be weird shaped as they are getting stressed out. Which is too bad. I'll still eat them, but I won't get enough to make more pickles.

  3. I've had the opposite happening in the garden - the plants are not that big yet, but they have all produced a few cucumbers so far. All except the Suyo Long, that is - I planted that one in a bad spot and it is being shaded by the other plants; I doubt I will get much of anything from it.

  4. Strangely our mini cucumbers are doing quite well but they are growing just inside the cold frame

  5. It's certainly a healthy looking plant.
    I've had 3 cucumbers thus far. That's about all I want.
    The plant is very very small, but put out big cukes. It's an odd year..........

  6. Your cucumber plants look really healthy. I think cucumbers are difficult to grow in our climate but its always good to give it a go. My gardening group grew them in a greenhouse and had very good success that way.

  7. I've had a few cukes but my plants look really unhealthy and a couple have died. It's so dry on the allotment and the rain keeps missing us. Hope yours pick-up. I had really good ones last year though.


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