Wednesday, 26 August 2015

A succession of Lettuce

As you probably guessed, I am very pleased with my successional sowing of lettuce this year. I have sowed lettuce seeds about 5 times I think, allowing me to ensure that we always have lettuce ready for cutting and more plants following on.

I devote to the production of salads each year one of my 1 x 2.4 metre raised beds (in rotation).

You can grow plenty of salad in a bed like that.  Everyone should do it! Why spend loads of money on insipid supermarket salads when you can have this?

Another batch of seedlings recently planted. (The sticks are to reduce damage caused by animals).

Young seedlings awaiting their turn.

This lettuce is "Green Salad Bowl", a good one for the "Cut and come again" approach to harvesting.

This one is rather similar. It is "Can Can". Actually it looks more like an endive than a lettuce.

See what I mean? Most of these are young endives.

This is "Amaze", a red Little Gem type.

And this one is the real Little Gem.

This one with the frilly leaves is Ice Queen.

In amongst my lettuces is that little row of Spring Onions. Don't they grow slowly? They had better be good...


  1. I wish I had lettuce like that. Mine is just sitting there and not growing at all because of the heat we had.

  2. Oh your lettuce looks so vibrant and tasty. My attempts at summer successions failed miserably. Bolting, bird ravages, and non-germination issues meant zero summer lettuce. I've managed to get some growing for autumn, unless we get a heat wave which is always a strong possibility at this time of year. I've still got a lot to learn about growing lettuce in warm weather.

  3. I so envy that bed of lettuce right now. Only 4 or 5 of my recently planted seedlings have survived and they are still a long way off from harvest. My direct sown seeds are not doing much better and only now do I see a few popping up here and there.

  4. There's nothing more pleasing than a continuous supply of lettuce. I did better this year but not as well as you by the looks of this.

  5. Great idea, I like your seedlings all lined up ready & waiting.

  6. My spring onions have actually been a success this year.As with the other alliums I started the seed off in trays and then transplanted en block into decent light soil and they've shot away.In recent years the direct sown ones have been no show or very slow.
    I've been sowing lettuce in succession too but with mixed results.Early ones from modules well spaced under polythene ..great.But more recent ones sown direct were too crowded and never thinned out properly!

  7. Your lettuce look so lovely Mark. They make the basis of so many lovely salads.

    All the best Jan


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