Friday, 7 August 2015

A Blog Holiday

We will be on holiday for a while soon, so Mark's Veg Plot will be suspended for a short time, and I will not be posting or commenting. I hope to be back in action "soon", so watch this space.

Just before I go though...

Mostly "Maskotka", with 3 small "Orkado" (front right) and two very small "Primavera" (front left).

Comparative taste-testing confirms my opinion that "Maskotka" is the best. A really nice balance between acid and sweet. It also has a thin skin, which adds to its attraction.


  1. That is a really lovely basket of tomatoes. All perfectly ripe. Enjoy your holiday.

  2. Ah, the dilemma of going away just as all your crops are ripening! I hope someone is going to pop in and look after the veg for you Mark - those tomatoes look too delicious to waste. I had the first tomato yesterday - a Crimson Crush from Dobies, it was very tasty! Have a lovely holiday!

  3. We are growing Maskotka this year so it's nice to hear good reports. Have a good holiday

  4. My, certainly seems that your tomatoes have started to come in! I hope you have a wonderful time on you holiday and there are some good garden surprises waiting for you when you return.

  5. Beautiful harvest...despite some of the glitches you've had. Enjoy your holiday!


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