Tuesday 10 February 2015

Last of the Brussels Sprouts

The construction of my new raised bed has meant that the Brussels Sprout plants have had to come up.

But they delivered one final picking of sprouts:

They were of course all the little tiny ones from up near the tops of the plants, but collectively they made a worthwhile quantity.

Talking of tops:

In amongst all that greenery there is a decent amount of edible material! The Top of a Brussels Sprout plant is exactly like a Cabbage, and can be used as such.

Having been exposed to the elements (at relatively high altitude too!) lots of the leaves will be a bit damaged, but if you choose wisely you are bound to be able to save a fair few. When cooked they are very like Spring Greens.

In the fight against Whitefly and Cabbage White butterflies, I consider myself to have achieved a victory! Very soon it will be time to sow seeds for the next lot of Sprouts, so the cycle will have come full-circle again. I'll probably be growing the same 3 varieties again, since I have seeds left over from last year. They were "Brilliant", "Bosworth" and "Napoleon".


  1. Those look so pretty. How much space to do you give each plant?

    1. This time I grew 6 plants in one raised bed which is 1m x 2.4m. This close spacing produces smaller plants than you would get if they were further apart, but as you can see has still been very successful.

  2. They've done really well for you. I'm definitely going to give them a go this year.

  3. Wonderful harvest! After seeing your pictures I think I'll grow them as well.

  4. I'm hoping that there are Sprouts left to pick when we get to the plot but the leaves have been ruined by whitefly.

  5. My mums favourite part is the 'tops'. I'm growing some this year so she will get to have a taste or two later on this year. Still a worthwhile harvest for you.

  6. Sprouts are my favourite vegetable!
    Congratulations on spreading the gospel that you can eat much more than the sprouts! I call the shoots that appear in a few weeks 'sprout sprouts'. They are my most favourite of all! As you have a project I forgive you for removing them early. My own will be there for at least another six weeks!
    ( I am preparing a blog about it - but that will also be in six weeks time)

  7. I would say that is quite the large harvest - congrats on having such a productive sprout year!

  8. Mmm, lovely greens. Like roger brook, I love sprout sprouts too, and usually leave some for spring greens. Mind you, this year my sprouts are teeny so I'll probably just leave them all for sprout sprouts :)


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