Monday 2 February 2015

Harvest Monday - 2nd Feb 2015

My Harvest Monday posts at this time of year are a bit samey, I'm afraid. It's Parsnips again:

These ones are "Guernsey Half-Long". I reckon they are inappropriately named, because they are actually quite long! Maybe they just mean that one half is long (the "tails) and the other half (the "shoulder" parts) is not...?

Of course, the long thin part of the root is not really useable, and it is only the thick bits up at the top that we will eat. Still, I think if they are left whole they will roast-up nicely.

My only other harvest this week was some Parsley:

I know these were harvested last week, not this week, but I would like to show you them anyway. These are some of the Baby Leeks, in this case being braised in chicken stock, with butter and fresh Thyme - a lovely accompaniment to a roast chicken.

They were too long to fit in the pan, so they had to be chopped off!

I wish I had a more ambitious harvest to show off, but the truth is that I haven't, so If you want to see some other harvests, you had better drop in to see what people have posted on Daphne's Dandelions.


  1. I don't mind samey, especially parsnips.

  2. We haven't been to the plot this week so you have harvested more than we have.

  3. At this time of year, any harvest is a very much appreciated harvest.

  4. Samey does tend to be the theme at this time of year, at least it's not the same old nothing. I can't complain though, I had my best January ever this year. I wouldn't mind adding some parsnips to my harvests, those are beauties.

  5. Any harvest at this time of the year is a good harvest. And a lot more than I'm getting. I got in from vacation yesterday and found out we had gotten 18" of snow. And it is snowing another foot today. Even my kale plants are buried. I can only see their stakes.

  6. I'll agree with everyone else. Any harvest this time of year is a good harvest! The stock looks lovely.

  7. Any harvest at this time of year is to be appreciated. I like the way you cooked the leeks. I shall give that a try.


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