Saturday 15 September 2012

Making the best of things

I know that many of us here in the UK have complained a lot about the weather this year (it's our national favourite pastime of course), and gardeners were definitely amongst the chief culprits. On reflection though I think I have to admit that either because of, or perhaps in spite of, the weather some of my crops have done really well.

I've lost track of how many times I've written about Runner Beans. They are still going strong, and some of the pods being produced at present are amongst the best yet - long, straight and succulent:

And what's more, the plants have loads of new flowers on them so maybe I'll get another crop before the cold weather sets in.

The Cherokee Trail of Tears beans are heavily laden too:

Some of their foliage is yellowing now, and the pods are beginning to go brown, so harvest-time can't be far off.

I keep thinking that there aren't many tomatoes left, but then the ones I thought were just "tiddlers" keep on swelling into good-sized ones:

And what about these beautiful Aubergines? They are really picturesque, aren't they?

I haven't had a huge crop of Aubergines, but I'm proud to have produced at least a few, especially since I know that this plant is really best suited to hot conditions.

With a fair few sunny days at the beginning of the month, my chillis suddenly decided to turn red.

A month or so ago I trimmed-back the Mint, which had gone straggly and was starting to flower. Now it has had a new lease of life. This is just three 9-inch pots:

The "Autumn Bliss" Raspberries are especially big and succulent this year, due to all the Summer rain:

Now I know this is not a crop that has made it to harvest just yet, but I want to show you a picture anyway because I'm proud of it... Brussels Sprouts:

Yes OK, they are tiny still, but just you wait...


  1. That's part of it - the wait and seeingness of it.

  2. I don't believe you live in the UK, Mark. Your garden has produced more for you than my allotment plot has.

  3. Our experiences of the things that have done well are similar to yours except our aubergine didn't set a single fruit and I think we may have just one fruit on our pepper.

  4. Everything looks wonderful. I'm glad the weather hasn't slowed the crops down too much.

  5. Loving the look of those sprouts - I bought some seed and will sow it in summer for a winter crop - I have to admit to being really quite excited by the idea of growing them.

  6. Your garden and produce looks terrific Mark. Love red runner bean flowers and your rasberries. And your eggplants look perfect. How do they 'sound' when you pick them? Are my ripeness tips working?

  7. very nice garden! I will have to see if I can find some of the Cherokee beans, and I love the beautiful red of the runner beans, scarlett? I will have to try and plant some rasberriers,I have thornless blackberry,and they have produced a lot. I have such a big garden,2/3rds of an acre, but sometimes too much for me... i need one like yours. the only thing I have left is okra, everything else is gone, time to plant collards and greens, onions..

  8. I planted brussels for the first do you keep the pests off? Mine are very damaged! Thanks.

  9. Lots to enjoy and look forward to. Runner beans do seem to have been completely unaffected by the weather's vagaries...


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