Tuesday 25 September 2012


Those of you who have followed my blog some some while will know full well that I am very fond of the Dogwood family of shrubs, and I have examples of several types in my garden. At this time of year the plants are full of interest because this is when the leaves turn colour and eventually fall off, revealing the brightly-coloured stems.

Undoubtedly the one I like best is the golden one - especially since I love the contrast it makes with the neighbouring purple Cotinus.

The symettrical spearhead-shaped leaves are a greenish-yellow colour, with prominent veins.

Last year I managed to root two cuttings from this shrub. I gave one away, but the other is coming along nicely down by the shed:

This is a branch of the one I call "Cornus Milton Keynesii" because I have grown it from cuttings brought back from the side of a road in (the town called) Milton Keynes:

And this is a close-up of the same branch:

Here's one whose foliage is just beginning to put on some Autumn colour - in this case purple.

Here's an arty photo with light and shade emphasising the colour contrasts:

This is my oldest Dogwood bush - "Midwinter Fire". I cut it right down to ground level earlier this year, but it has bounced back very virorously. I hope its colour will be good this Winter.

Midwinter Fire

This one is "Cornus Alba Kesselringii", which has stems that are very dark purple, almost black. The plant is still young (in its second year) so it hasn't really had a chance to show off yet, but I'm hoping for a good display this time.


Of course it's not only the foliage of the Dogwoods that I find attractive, but also the berries. They start off green...

And when mature they are white.

To me they look like little beads made of ivory!


  1. I bet you can't wait for the autumn and winter colour!

  2. The one you pruned has sprung back to life. I hope it repays you with some gorgeous winter colour.

  3. they are rather perfect aren't they!

  4. In the middle of winter when everything is covered in white, I guess this plant brings in a whole array of colors huh?


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