Friday 14 September 2012

Art for art's sake

You know that from time to time I publish a collection of photos that are more about colour / form / light than about any gardening-related subject in particular... Well, here's one of those.

Fern seeds

Young fern frond

Raindrops on a broccoli leaf

Dogwood berries

Moroccan Mint

Greek Oregano

Curly Endive


Raspberry "Autumn Bliss"

Runner Bean "Scarlet Empire"


  1. OOh those raspberries look delicious!

  2. I wouldn't have recognised the broccoli leaf. We have had plenty of chances to photograph raindrops this year haven't we?

  3. Curly Endive have such a great look. And the mint remind me of refreshing mojitos or home brewed tea.

  4. Brilliant photographs Mark...but then they always are :D

    Hey...what's going on in your neck of the woods tonight? On your weather map at 0.44am you have fireworks!
    We have them showing on our Friday and Saturday night due to the AFL (Aussie Rules Football) footy matches but can't think what yours might be for.
    Just call me nosy ;D

  5. Very nice, as always but if I had my pick it would be the raspberries :)

  6. I'll have the raspberries please.

  7. You sure can make food look beautiful Mark.

  8. Wow.. You have an olive tree? I will simple have to accept that your garden will never seize to surprise me.

    Hope you get sizable olives. What do you plan to do with the harvested olives though?


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