Saturday, 2 July 2011

Wikio Rankings

Some of you will be aware of Wikio, a news and blog search engine which tracks the popularity of blogs (in the UK and Ireland), and publishes a monthly list of rankings, which usually comes out in the first week of the month. My blog is listed in two of their categories - Gardening and Gastronomy. I display my place in the rankings each month via a badge in my sidebar.

Wikio - Top Blogs - Gardening

I have recently been invited by Wikio to participate in their "Sneak Preview" scheme, whereby certain selected bloggers are given advance notification of the new rankings, with the expectation that they will do their bit to publicise them. Presumably this is because my blog is one of those towards the top of the list. In June I was at 23, though I have in the past been as high as 16.

At present I am only privy to the Top 20 list for the Gardening blogs catagory, not the Gastronomy category. Here is the list that will be published on 5th July.

1  tales from the village
Life and style: Allotment blog |
The Patient Gardener's Weblog
Ryan's garden
Victoria's backyard Gardening Blog
An Artist's Garden
otter farm blog
Veg Plotting
10 - blog
11 We Grow Our Own
12 Real Men Sow
14 Plantpassion
15 Hurtling Towards 60 and Beyond
17 Fennel and Fern
18 The Galloping Gardener
19 The Constant Gardener
20 Carrots and Kids

Ranking made by Wikio

Rats! Marksvegplot must be below 20 again. Never mind; there's always next month.

All these blogs are worth a visit, so if you haven't already done so perhaps you would like to visit some of them now...?


  1. I'm on the list too but at the moment are struggling at 38th like you I've been much higher. I'm not totally sure how the ranking works are you? It's a bit strange isn't it if Wikio want you to publicise those at the top of the list as surely all that does is make sure those stay at the top?

  2. Hope you get into top 20 next month Mark!

  3. I've never heard of Wikio, though I don't really follow blog statistics. I love that some people choose to follow my blog and leave me comments, it's always a thrill, but my blog was really set up as a sort of diary when I got my allotment. Saying that, lists such as these are a great way of finding new blogs to read, as if I don't spend enough time reading blogs as it is. Congratulations on being number twenty three and hope you make it in to the top twenty next month.

  4. Hope you make it into top 15 (think u deserve top 15 rather than top 20). Interesting comment by Sue. Can't believe how big your lettuces are from yesterday post. Such varieties too. After 4 attempts, I never did get little gem seeds to germinate - I blame it on bad seed (just bought this year).

  5. I have applied twice now and not been listed since april/may how long did you have to wait before you wete listed???


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