Monday, 25 July 2011

More Kohl than Rabi

The German word "Kohlrabi" translates into English as "Cabbage-Turnip", which is a pretty apt description of this vegetable. The top part of it performs like a cabbage, while the lower stem produces a spherical turnip-like swelling. At least, that's the theory. Mine seem to be unaware of the second clause of the theory...

I have given up hope of persuading my Kohlrabi to behave normally, and I have pulled them up to make room for other things. As you can see, only one of my four plants produced anything like a swelling. Lots of healthy cabbagey leaves, and long thin stems, but nothing much in the Turnip department.

I kept one of the plant tops, to cook like a cabbage, and the one vaguely turnip-like stem, (which we have already eaten) but it's not a very good result is it? I rather suspect that the Kohlrabi leaves may be a bit rank - probably not as sweet as a cabbage. We shall see...

I don't understand what caused the Kohlrabi to fail to swell. I have grown Kohlrabi successfully in the past and I don't think I have done anything different this year. Maybe it was just a duff batch of seeds. Or the strange weather conditions? Anyone else out there had this happen?

What's your favourite way of eating Kohlrabi? I like it lightly boiled or steamed, served in much the same way as you would use use broccoli. Actually, Kohlrabi had a texture very similar to the stalk  part of Calabrese broccoli...


P.S. This picture is for Hazel over there in Australia....

Hazel, I think I have seen an omen. Look at the shadow on the leaf at the left of the tomato. Now tell me whether you see the shadow of a goat?


  1. Never tried growing Kohl Rabi but this year lots of things have behaved abnormally.

    I was thinking more sheep than goat!

  2. Mark, nice photo of the bee in the flower! Speaking of wildlife, I had 10 wild turkeys in the back yard, near the woods. They stood perfectly still for 10 minutes, with a light wind ruffling their feathers, trying to cool off.In the woods, you see, the wind was blocked, so they came out in the open. I didn't dare disturb them by going outside to snap a photo. It is like an inferno here, all over U.S. My garden is over now. Must plant the winter garden in late Sept til Oct. 19, the cut off date.

  3. Sorry your kohlrabi was a bust! I'm going to try to grow it for the first time this fall!

  4. That does very much look like a goat Mark... I foresee the impending end of your tomato. I sense it being picked... and eaten.

    I've got no idea what went wrong with your rabi bit, too much fertiliser, is that possible?? I grew my first ones this year, and thought they were just the ants pants - just delicious. They don't really taste like anything else I have had before.

    Next year I'll be making some proper room for them.

  5. Thanks for the up close look at the Kohlrabi Mark. It's on the list to try. Let us know how the Leaves are.

  6. Embek....I see a goat Mark. Not sure Because I am growing kohlrabi for the first time. Really hoping that we have beginners luck.

  7. That's hilarious. It does look like a goat. Something else I have noticed while carefully screening your pictures is the beautiful brown stones you've used. Are they in the paths?
    It's ten am and I'm back at reading your archive. I am loving it!!


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