Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Greek Oregano

The first flower is showing on one of my Greek Oregano plants.

This reminded me of a job that needed doing. Since 27th May I have had a tub of Greek Oregano seedlings on the windowsill of the spare bedroom.

The seeds were very tiny, and they have grown slowly, but I decided this weekend that they were big enough to be potted on. There were probably 30-odd seedlings in that tub, and they were beginning to get over-crowded.

About an hour before doing the job I watered the pot very liberally to loosen the compost. Then I carefully eased each seedling out and transplanted it into a medium-sized (7" / 18cm") pot, with two of its siblings for company.

The tool I use for jobs like this is called a "Widger". I find it invaluable.

I don't need huge quantities of this herb, so I potted up 9 seedlings in three pots. In this next picture they are alongside some pots of Parsley and Purple Basil .

The remaining seedlings were planted in the soil near the base of my apple tree. If they survive that's fine, but I won't be desperately sorry if they don't, as long as the ones in the pots do OK.

So now, for the first time since February, there are NO seedlings on the spare bedroom windowsill. It looks scarily bare!


  1. I find regular Oregano a bit too strong for me. I prefer marjoram, which has a bit more floral of flavor. Is the flavor of greek oregano different?

  2. A widger...hmm, it does look like it would be quite the handy device and much better than the spoon that I use.

  3. Your post made my very sad. I used to have a widger but it got misplaced, and I can widge no longer. I have to make do with a pencil. Boohoo.

  4. Your Greek oregano plants are beautiful! I have a big pot of Greek oregano nestled in with all the other herbs on my back patio. I love it in my fresh tomato sauce! I love that widger tool! I've never seen such a handy little device :) I can see where it would be great to transfer small seedlings of any type! Once again, I leave your blog learning something useful. Thank you Mark :)

  5. Elaine; I had a similar experience with Widgers - mine was stolen, but you can easily get a replacement. If you do a Google search you will find several places that sell them, and they are quite cheap - I think mine cost about £2.50 including postage.

    Vegetable Garden Cook: I don't think the Greek Oregano tastes any different to other types of Oregano, though as you say, it is a lot stronger than Marjoram - but that's why I like it!

  6. The purple basil seem very attractive. I think they would do well in my kind of climate.

  7. I grow Greek oregano too but have never tried it outside. I have a little plastic dibber which I use like your widger. It's good for poking a hole for transplanting the seedling but the widger looks as though it would be more effective for levering the seedlings out!

  8. I love the flavour of oregano. My herbs seem to be flowering too fast for my liking. Suppose they would do better outside rather than being on the kitchen windowsill. (My mint got scorched by the sun on the windowsill.)


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