Tuesday, 26 July 2011

July colour

Whilst July is the peak of the veg-harvesting calendar for me, that doesn't mean that everything in my garden is green and drab - far from it!

This is the Buddleia Davidii "Royal Red" plant that I bought from Duchy Nurseries back in the Spring. I love the colour (though it is hardly red!).

Buddleia "Royal Red"


Oxalis "Burgundy Wine"

This fern is also one of the plants I bought from Duchy of Cornwall Nurseries. I have been very pleased with what I bought from them. The young fronds are a beautiful bronze colour, which gradually fades to a yellowish green as they mature.

The seed pods form on the undersides of the leaves. I wonder if this plant will be easy to propagate?

The Hypericum flowers have gone now, and have been replaced by these little berries, which start off white and then develop a bright pink colour.

Hypericum berries

The Dogwood bushes are always giving me something new to look at. Right now most of them are covered with delicate little white flowers.


This is Coreopsis "Early Sunrise". It's an untidy plant, but you have to admit that the flowers liven things up a bit!

The potted Chives are having another lease of life. After their first flowering I cut them right down, and they have sprung up again very vigorously. The backdrop for this photo is the Oxalis "Burgundy Wine".


Lots of the Oregano and Marjoram plants are flowering now. The bees will be happy!


The Swiss Chard is bolting but even that can look quite decorative. I have cut the flower stalks down to ground level in the hope that the plants will produce another batch of leaves.

Swiss Chard, bolting
The Runner beans have produced masses of vibrant scarlet flowers. And of course, when the flowers fade you end up with lovely beans too. With plants like these, who needs Sweet Peas??


  1. Love it when you show us flowers. Those bean flowers are stunning

  2. We have lots of buddleia on the plot (over exuberance when it came to taking cuttings) but this year they have not attracted the masses of butterflies that we usually see nor as many bees.

  3. What a lot of colour! Your photos are fabulous as always.

  4. I love the flowers of the runner beans! And your golden fern is beautiful!

  5. Lovely pictures as always Mark, it must be nice to know the names of everything in your garden. I've still a long way to go!

  6. There's plenty of colour in your garden, I'd say your buddleia is more of a rich purple than a red, but it's a gorgeous colour anyway. My beans are only just starting to flower.

  7. I have a love-hate relationship with Buddleias. For instance, one has just self-seeded into the pebbles on the edge of my pond, in a place very hard to get to. On the other hand, the butterflies love them and some have gorgeous colour. I have compromised and bought dwarf Buddleias, as I don't think FIL would ever forgive me for getting another full sized one - he had the task of removing the last one to make room for the compost bins!

  8. Your garden is gorgeous...veggies and flowers. I am looking forward to planting more flowers with my veg this year...for the pollinators etc.

  9. It's all looking good Mark.
    I planted some Oxalis this year and I love the colour of it.
    I also love your idea of 'untidy plants'!
    Just off out to water my greenhouse....

  10. Yes you are good with flowers, do you often cut them and bring them inside? I really like the red pea flowers, I've not seen them that colour before, but I think I already said that to you the other day. It's late and I am repeating myself now.

    Night night!


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