Sunday, 3 July 2011

Bean flower collection

A few days ago I published a post showing some of the ornamental plants in my garden, but now I have realised that some of the most beautiful of the flowers are actually on edible veggie plants. See if you agree with me...

Runner bean "Red Rum"
Climbing French bean - "Cobra"??

Broad Bean "Jubilee Hysor"

What is this one? Mayflower? Cherokee Trail of Tears? Anyone know?

Another climbing bean - don't know which type!

Yes, I know, it's a shame I can't tell which is which just now. I planted loads of different varieties and they all got jumbled up. When the pods form I'll probably be able to identify most of them.

I have:
Red Rum (Runner)
Aintree (Runner)
Cobra (French)
Cherokee Trail of Tears
Lingua di Fuoco (Borlotto)
Selma Zebra (Borlotto)
Coco Blanc à Rames, aka Lazy Housewife


  1. Beautiful! :o)

  2. They are stunning. But then you always have amazing varieties of veg - most of which I have never heard of.

  3. I love all the bean flowres, I am growing hiacinth bean or castor oil for flowers only, but they dont bloom yet

  4. I think you've captured the blooms of your edible plants beautifully! While I can't say which are prettier, I think my favorite of this group is the Broad Bean "Jubilee Hysor".

  5. You are absolutely right!

    I love the flowers on potatoes and bean plants.

    Martin :)

  6. Another reason why I would like to like broad beans.


  7. Gorgeous photos. I just lurv, lurv, lurv, veggies!

  8. French beans have beautiful flowers too

  9. I absolutely agree with you Mark! Bean and peas flowers are always so pretty. Double bonus pretty bloom and edible pods.

  10. Absolutely correct, veggie flowers are beautiful.

  11. I love beans - and bean flowers - and that's a great collection. My "Trail of Tears" are a long way off flowering, as are my purple climbing French beans, so I am a little envious - I just have the scarlet flowers of my dwarf runners at the moment. But I have hopes...

  12. It's all thanks to you that I encountered the beauty of a vegetable garden! I never imagined their flowers to be pretty as I eat their end product on a plate. They are stunning… perhaps way more than some of the orchids I have now at home!


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