Saturday, 9 July 2011

On closer inspection...

If you are a gardener as well as a blogger there is never any excuse to say "There was nothing I could take photos of..." When you look at Nature closely, you always see something amazing. Here is a little collection of photos I took last weekend.

Young flower-head of Bronze Fennel

Lily Beetle on a Raspberry leaf

Seeds on the underside of a Fern frond

Golden Hops climbing up the Fennel

Ladybird being shy

Downy young leaves of a climbing bean

Blackfly congregate on a Broad Bean plant

Some unidentified fungi

Does anyone know what those fungi are? Each one is about 5cm in diameter. Jane says they look like Brown Sugar meringues!


  1. Your close up shots are really good Mark - I reckon I shall have to study the manual for my camera, whenever I get up close it just goes blurred. What's the secret?

  2. I like yoru fern frond photo best, really interesting. You've had some great harvests this week, was just looking over your last few posts. Your cucumber looks great. My only surviving cucumber plant is only just starting to produce flowers and begin to grow cucumbers. The daikon radish is something I'd like to try next year - great photos of yours posted this week.

  3. Amazing photo's Mark....even the bugs look photogenic!
    Todays the day I've decided after seeing your photo's, to replace my old geriatric camera.
    Any advice or recommendations on what to buy?

  4. You're so right Mark, there is always something to photograph. Great Pics!

  5. Great photos. Seeds on the fern is so eerie...

  6. At first I thought the seeds were bug eggs! Very nice photos!

  7. Neesie, Elaine; my camera is an Olympus E-450 DSLR. I love it! It has lots of automatic features and settings for the beginner like me, but also lots of capability for the more experienced photographer. It terms of focus, it has a feature whereby you press the shutter button lightly and the camera focuses on one of three spots; when good focus is achieved a little red light lights up in the viewfinder and a sound is emitted; until this happens it's not worth pressing the shutter! I find also that a tripod is an essential accessory for achieving good photos.

  8. The seeds on the underside of the Fern leaves are a great picture. If you hadn't mentioned it, I'd have taken them for an insect's eggs. I agree that there's always something unusual and pretty to capture in a garden. Yet, it needs some passion to do this day after day. Hats off to you!

  9. Love the photos Mark. The blackfly one is great if not great to have on your broad beans.

    Are you sure that is a lily beetle - I thought they were red? The one in the photo looks like this one here At least I hope it isn't a lily beetle as I found one in our house the other day and I don't want it on my lilies in the garden.

  10. Sue, yes, I agree with you. I have misidentified the bug as a Lily beetle - it is definitely Brown Leaf Beetle! Sounds too convenient to be true, doesn't it - a brown beetle on a leaf called a Brown Leaf Beetle?!

  11. Your photos are amazing and the one with the fern was especially interesting...I did not know that ferns had seeds attached to the underside of their leaves like that. I will have to see if any of the ones growing in our woods are similar in nature.

  12. Thank goodness for that! We have a fern in our bathroom that is being a pain and shedding spores all over the place - maybe I should try to propagate them but I think propagating ferns is tricky isn't it. I think they have to go through two stages a bit like butterflies! Doesn't seem to stop ferns self propagating in the garden though.

  13. Great pics! Those fern seeds are really interesting!

  14. The fungi look like smores.

    Really feel like toasted marshmellows now..

    Martin :0)


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