Thursday, 14 July 2011

Decorative AND useful -- herbs

You know that old derogatory epithet "It / he had neither use nor ornament" ? Well here is an example of the opposite. Culinary herbs. These things are often very decorative as well as being stars of many a fine recipe.

This handsome specimen of Variegated Sage is one that I have grown from a cutting I took on 5 February.

Of the Sage cuttings I took, only two each of the Purple and Variegated varieties survived, but they are now strong and sturdy, so I thought I would put a couple of them to good use. I have made two miniature Herb gardens with a couple of wide terracotta pots I had hanging around.

The centrepiece of each of these is a Sage plant, around which I have put Parsley and Purple Basil.

If the plants in these thrive they should make decorative yet useful additions to the burgeoning collection of items on my patio. I'm hoping that the green and gold Sage will look good next to the deep purple foliage of the Basil.

If you had no other space for gardening, surely you could make room for a couple of pots like this, couldn't you?


  1. There's ALWAYS room for herbs...

  2. Your herbs are looking good. Will make very decorative and colorful displays. And what fun to use them, too!

  3. Love your herb garden! I've not seen the variegated sage and it's lovely. Does it have a different flavor?
    Have a great day,

  4. And always room for just one more pot! We planted purple basil for the first time this spring. We love it! It adds color to salads. My other "new" herb this spring is pineapple sage... and it really does smell and taste like pineapple. I love your pots and I'm thinking I just might try to bring some of my tender herbs indoors in pots at the end of the season. Thanks for a great idea!

  5. We don't grow too many herbs.

    Lavender - for decoration maily.

    The others are Parsley, Corriander, Thyme and Basil.

    Have a good day!

    Martin :)

  6. I love a good herb Mark, but I don't have nearly enough! What's your favourite kind? I like the look of your variegated sage, I haven't seen it here.

    Share a cutting?


  7. The Variegated Sage is really pretty. I'm familiar only with dried Sage. I think it will grow well in our "full sun" climate. Yet sourcing Sage is difficult here as it isn't used traditionally in India. Most common Herbs used here are Fenugreek, holy basil, Coriander, mint and Curry leaves. My herb garden has currently shrunk to mostly Indian Borage, Fennel, Sweet and Holy Basil. I think I need to work on it.

  8. I'm with the others - the variegated sage is unique! Often as I work in the garden I'll pinch what a leaf of whatever herb I happen to be near, crush and roll it between my fingers, the essence is wonderful.

  9. We've done a herb/flower border this year which has been really nice. We've always been a bit rubbish at using fresh herbs other than basil and rosemary but this year, with a big selection just outside the back door, we've found we're using far more. Your tubs look great too, hope you find them really useful. :)

  10. I love growing herbs, though I have unaccountably failed to replace my sage plant this year. And have had most of my parsley munched by snails, likewise the coriander! Rosemary, thyme, oregano however, all doing well. Hard to beat being able to pick fresh herbs to go with your freshly picked produce for lunch.

  11. Herbs they look good everywhere and don't mind sharing the space with flowers or veggies.


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