Friday, 22 July 2011

The Ladybird's story

Once upon a time there was a Ladybird, a lady Ladybird... One fine day she was out looking for amusement.

 First she played at sliding down some of The Gardener's Broad Beans, using them like a ski-jump.

Then, feeling peckish, she went off in search of a tasty Blackfly or two.

While at the Blackfly restaurant she met a really attractive boy Ladybird. He was a foreigner and talked in a strange sort of way, but he was good-looking and smartly dressed and soon won her over. They went back to his place and before they knew it, well, this happened...
The next morning she was very upset - she felt like jumping off the highest Broad Bean plant she could find and ending it all...
When she realised that she was pregnant, she spent several days sulking, head drawn into her shell, embarassed even to be seen in public.
In the end though, she came to terms with her condition and found herself a nice pad in a bed of Celeriac, where in due course she gave birth to a handsome baby boy. He was so cute and good-looking that the lady Ladybird forgot all her previous regrets and began to revel in motherhood.

Of course the boy went through all the usual growing pains associated with adolesence

But in the end, like they all do, he grew up into a sensible young man and went his own way into the world. He even began to look a little bit like his mother...

And they all lived happily ever after!


  1. What a great story and great photos!!

  2. Hee hee, Mark gets funny :D

    I am both fascinated and kind of repulsed by the photo of the baby ladybug forming its hard shell - fabulous to have captured that Mark, did you have to lie in wait for long?

  3. Ali; the metamorphosis of the Ladybird seems to take about 2 weeks or so. I have photographed the same few larvae several times. They don't move about, so it has been easy to record the sequence.

  4. Very funny story and excellent photos!

    I like the photo where Mama ladybird was sulking in regrets.

  5. Interesting! I have had fun this evening catching up on your posts that I have missed lately.

  6. A real life story, supported by some very beautiful photographs. My fave image is the boybug goign through growing pains - wonderfully captured and shared. Thank you.

  7. Lovely photos of the mixed marriage. A while ago (2008) I created a similar video here which has had over 20,000 views on Youtube. It's pre HD so not of brilliant quality but just shows how interesting people find ladybirds.

    1. Just an update - my website has moved so the video is now here

  8. I don't know about cute and good looking, I think young ladybirds are horrible, but I like their appetite for aphids. Great photos.

  9. What a cute and funny story. I am still smiling. I especially liked the part where our lady ladybird met this "good looking and smartly dressed" foreigner ladybird! Great photos for your story!


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