Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Victoria plum

THE Victoria plum. Yes, that's right, there's only one. (But you have to admit, it does look quite nice.)

The Victoria plum -- Sept 3rd

I am trying to be honest in my blog, showing not only the successes but also the failures. I have to admit I have not been successful with the plums. The tree has been in my garden for several years now, but the most it has ever produced in any year is 5 fruits! I suppose the site in which it is growing just doesn't suit it -- the soil there is very dry and sandy, despite my efforts to improve it with annual applications of home-made compost, and liberal amounts of Vitax.

The tree (a Minarette, about 8 feet tall now) never produces a lot of blossoms in the Spring, and then very few of those ever go on to form fruit. I suppose really I should dig the thing up and move it elsewhere. But WHERE? (Sometimes I wish I had more space.)

Anyway, maybe next year it will come good...! Gardeners need to be optimists, I think.

The plum on Sep 7th -- It has ripened a lot in 4 days


  1. At least you took a photo and celebrated it properly. I had 3 plums this year - the first since I planted the tree 3 years ago. 2 have been eaten and the 3rd is waiting in the kitchen. Growing a dwarf plum tree is a bit of a mystery to me. I must get my head around it.

  2. Hi Linda; Nice of you to Follow me. Thanks!
    I / we haven't eaten dear old Victoria yet. That'll probably be a Friday night treat - unless of course the birds beat me to it, as happened last year to my best (only?) pear.
    My tree is a Minarette - about 8 feet tall, but very slim.


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