Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Plant identification -- help needed

Does anyone know what this plant is?

Unidentified (Endive?) plant
The same plant about 3 weeks later
I have two of these things growing in my garden. They appeared amongst the seedlings grown from a packet of Mixed Endives that I bought from Seeds of Italy http://www.seedsofitaly.co.uk/, so they probably are some sort of Endive, but if anyone can tell me exactly what type, I would like to know. All I can say about them so far is that they grow very slowly...
Some of the long, thin, "grass-like" leaves have little barbs or serrations on them, almost like Wild Rocket does. Could it be "Barba di Cappuccino" which I have seen described like this: "Long thin stems. Leaves have serrated edges."


  1. I have to say it looks suspiciously like the Gazania plants which I got cheap from Suttons this summer! But if it was in a packet of veg seed then I'm sure it's not.

  2. I hope you're wrong! In any case, I hope to be able to eat it in due course, so I really hope it is NOT Gazania.


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