Thursday, 30 September 2010


My blog got a mention in the November issue of The Kitchen Garden magazine -- (see the Letters and Tips section on page 28)

It's a little snippet concerning a query I sent in about Tenderstem Broccoli. You can see the full details in my blogpost entitled "Tenderstem Broccoli - the wonder vegetable" on 28th August. Interestingly, the experts at TKG didn't actually answer my question, so I put it to my readership now: "Is it normal for Tenderstem broccoli to produce side-shoots from underground as well as as from the leaf axils? Is it supposed to do this, or was mine just a freak?"  Let me know if you have any experience on this!

The results of the photograhpy competition that got me started on blogging are also in this issue of the magazine. I can see why I didn't win, because the winners were super photos -- much better than mine. But, I'm making progress! I also consider myself a winner, because it was that competition that inspired me to take up photographing my own stuff -- which in turn led me to blogging. Here's one of my recent efforts...

 I am very keen to get my blog in front of a wider audience, so if you know anyone who might be interested in reading it, do please give them the details. Thanks!


  1. Are you a member of It's an international site and may increase flow to your site. I recently joined.

  2. Thanks for the info. I've just joined Blotanical too --- awaiting "vetting" now...


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