Sunday, 5 September 2010

Exit French Beans

I have finally got rid of the first batch of "Delinel" dwarf French Beans -- something I should really have done sooner. They had produced only the odd one or two pods in the last three weeks, so I decided that keeping them going (i.e. watering and feeding them) was now no longer justifiable.

The French Beans finally make their exit

I stripped the last few pods off the old plants before consigning the foliage to the compost bin, but it wasn't exactly a bumper harvest...

The last of the pods from the first batch of French Beans

Still, they have definitely been worth growing, especially since this year the Runner beans have been disappointing. The fact that you can grow dwarf beans in pots means that they are portable -- in other words you can move them around as conditions and space dictate, without tying up bedspace for a long period like the climbing beans do.

Today's crop from the new batch of plants looks much more appetising...

Beans from the new batch

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