Monday, 20 September 2010

MORE Cucumbers!

On 9th September, just before we went on holiday, I harvested 4 cucumbers which I thought would be the last of the season. Close inspection of the plants today reveals however that they have by no means given up. And perhaps with a few days of quite nice weather (as is forecast) I might get another few fruits. At least 3 have formed, and they are growing rapidly. Here are some pictures:-

Another cucumber fruit coming along nicely
This one will probably be the best of the current batch
This one is the "runt of the litter"...
Have any of you tried eating immature cucumbers? We had some once at a Middle Eastern restaurant, as part of a mixed salad, and they were very nice. Not really tiny ones like cornichons, but about 10cm long.
I might have to pick these ones of mine at an early stage if the weather turns cold before they mature.

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