Thursday, 9 September 2010

Cucumbers - a late rally?

The "Marketmore" cucumbers seem to be having a late rally. Earlier in the season my two plants produced a total of 9 fruits between them. I thought this might be it for the year, but they have decided to produce a second batch of fruits. Each one has two more, and there are even some more flowers open at present -- though it is unlikely that these will be able to produce mature fruits before the weather turns too cold. At the first sign of frost the plants will die off completely.

More cucumbers coming on

This flower is probably a bit too late...
On one plant there are two rather ugly looking fruits that have been very slow to develop, and I suspect they may well turn out to be tough and bitter. They also have a strange shape -- with a thin "waist", which probably means that they were not able to get sufficient water at one stage of their development. We shall see...

These ones are not very good-looking
Even if none of this second batch of  fruits is good, I would still say that it has been worth growing the plants. They have been very little trouble, and have produced a worthwhile yield.

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  1. P.S. We ate one of the less good-looking ones last night. It was surprisingly good. The skin was perhaps a bit tough, but otherwise it was OK.


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