Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Raindrops on Roses...

We had very strong winds here yesterday, and lots of rain during the night, but this morning the sun was shining again (at least for a short while), so I went out with my camera to see what I could find...

I just LOVE the morning sunlight. Here are some more studies in Light and Shade:

Raindrops weighing-down the white Rose flowers
Cotinus (aka "Smokebush")
Asparagus fern -- the tiny droplets look almost like frost!
Even the humble Parsnip looks impressive in the sunshine
Italian Gold beans -- don't they just say "Pick me please" ?
Steam rising off the roof of my shed
Mixed lettuces in a pot -- the "spares" I couldn't bear to throw away
Raindrops glistening on the tips of the "Serrano" chillis
A Rosemary plant just beginning to catch the light
A spider repairing his rain-damaged web amongst the dead Rose blooms
Someone seems to have polished the Blueberry leaves overnight!
These fungi are looking a bit "the worse for wear" this morning
Raindrops on a Geranium bloom
Sungella soaking up some rays.
Anyway, It doesn't look as if I will need to do much watering this evening -- and the water-butt will have been topped-up again too.


  1. I think it's lovely that we're all out there photographing our veg. It must make them feel so loved.
    Found your blog via the UK Veg Gardeners site - interesting reading to see how things are going down in the south.

  2. Hi Linda; Yes, I joined UK Veg Gardeners just a couple of days ago. It looks good! I'm currently completely obsessed with photographing everything in sight.

    I'm new to blogging, so I have much to learn....


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