Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Apples -- a time sequence

One of the joys of having one's fruit and veg so close by like I have (as opposed to on an allotment at the other side of town, for instance) is that you can watch it develop day by day. Here are some pictures showing the same two 'Scrumptious' apples over a period of several weeks.

July 27th -- Almost like Granny Smiths!
August  17th -- developing a lovely blush
September 4th -- got quite a tan
September 4th - harvested (and polished-up for the camera!)
September 7th -- Gone!
The better examples of these apples lived up to their name -- they were scrumptious.

The best specimen...

Unfortunately they weren't ALL that nice...

Some of the less-attractive ones...

Maybe next year I'll remember to take some photos at blossom time...


  1. your apples look scrumptious Mark. lovely photos too. If I had any artistic talent your polished apples would inspire me to reach for a pencil and pad and get sketching. Sadly I don't so I shall just go and munch one instead :o)

  2. I have an espaliered apple tree in my garden. I made a bad choice when I chose the variety. The apples are tasteless. None the less, it's special to have it there and I enjoy its presence.

    Esther Montgomery


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