Wednesday 31 October 2012

Scotch Bonnets

The fruits on my little Scotch Bonnet chilli pepper plant are ripe now:-

This plant is the one I bought as a "remnant" at my local Garden Centre for just 50p.

It has had the grand total of three fruits, but they are indivudually very fine specimens:-

I don't yet know what their heat is like - that pleasure is still to come!

Meanwhile, the fruits of the two "Turkey" chilli plants out in the garage are ripening in profusion.

There must be more than a hundred fruits on each plant.

Most of the chillis are straight, but just a few have decided to curl up:-

I think I might need to make them into some chilli relish or something, since we already have loads of chillis in the fridge and freezer. Or maybe I'll just dry them and hang them in the kitchen as ornaments.


  1. The Scotch Bonnet look fantastic Mark almost like they have been polished,

  2. Last year I grew Scotch Bonnets, but the ones I had were orange. Sadly I couldn't eat them, but they did look pretty.

  3. Hi Mark, Someone gave me a bunch of chili peppers that I couldn't eat, so I had a tall cylinder jar and I put them in it, poured vinegar over and put a cork lid on and they kept for well over a year, looking great on the kitchen counter!

  4. Thats' a very attractive looking fruit - have you been busy with the Pledge?

  5. Nice chillies.....I have lots of chilli related recipes on my blog. I'd recommend my sweet chill sauce and my rocket fuel.

  6. They're fine specimens so they've got great ornamental value.

  7. Chillies are like ornaments. The scotch bonnets should be pretty hot. Enjoy!


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