Friday 12 October 2012

My Autumn palette

I sometimes like to think of myself as an artist. I don't use paints, but I do love to use the medium of digital photography to explore form, colour, light and shade. Today my palette is loaded with Autumn colours...

Although Autumn is in many ways a sad season - seeing the final moments of many short-lived plants, and the annual shedding of the leaves of many longer-lived ones - it is also a time of glorious colour, as the predominant greens of Summer begin to give way to reds, yellows and browns. My posts today and tomorrow are a celebration of this time of year - taking a close look at some of the stems, leaves and berries of some of the plants in my garden.

Dogwood stems
Lots of these photos are of my favourite Dogwood bushes (you will have guessed that). If you like Dogwoods, you should have a look at the photos that Kelli Boyles published a few days ago on her blog Kelli's Northern Ireland Garden:

Dogwood leaf backlit with evening sunshine

Dogwood: the branch line

Dogwood leaf - faded glory

Dogwood: the  junction

Dogwood leaf

Blueberry leaves against a background of Mint


Maple leaf

 More tomorrow...


  1. Definitely some artistic talent there! The Dogwoods are winners, love the Blueberry too.

  2. Really lovely photos - my personal favourite is the Cotinus shot.

  3. Love the cotinus photo. Was the light for all the photos natural or did you have some artistic licence.

    1. Sue; It was all natural. No "smoke and mirrors" at all.

  4. Absolutely beautiful photos Mark. Beautiful.

  5. Autumn is a lovely time of the year. Here it is fabulous, usually still pretty warm and relaxed, but as most of our natives are evergreen I do miss the lovely colour changes of the season.

  6. I think I like the Continus most of all, Very striking. Sunny autumn days are wonderful. Unfortunately we have rain the next two days.


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