Thursday 25 October 2012

Fungus Maximus!

The damp but mild Autumn weather conditions we are experiencing are ideal for the growth of fungi. Driving along a local road the other day I saw a patch of huge fungi, which re-kindled my interest in this subject, and at the weekend I went back with my camera...

The caps of this fungus had a white bloom, almost as if they had been dusted with flour. I have no idea what type it is - but there is a lot of it. I suspect it is not an edible type, but if it is there is enough there to feed a lot of people!

Coming back from the place mentioned above, I noticed that there are also loads of fungi in the little patch of grass directly opposite our house. The ones in one particular patch (below) are a very bright white colour. At first I thought they were puffballs of some sort.

Closer inspection revealed that many of them had an unusual squareish shape:

The yellow streaks on the cap are probably a warning that these things are not nice. I'm certainly not going to try eating any of them, and I washed my hands very carefully after handling this one!

Of course once I started looking I found lots and lots of fungi. The ones below are all photographed within a few minutes of each other, in an area of about 50 x 20 metres. I'm afraid I have no idea what any of them are. Vesna, are you reading this? Help!

If you know any of these, will you please leave me a comment?


  1. Fungus is really difficult to identify as many look exactly the same. It's certainly been the year of the fungus this year. They at least love the weather we have been having!!

  2. I'm afraid I can't help with identification, but I do love seeing all the different kinds of fungi. There's so much of it about this year, as your post shows.

  3. I love fungi - though some of these look a bit much. Suggest you go rushing off to iSpot with the photos -

  4. The last one seems like Lactarius pubescens aka downy milk cap.

    1. Yes, I think you are probably right. I have looked this one up now that you have suggested it. I also think my photo of the fungus with the fly on it is one of the same, viewed from on top rather than from underneath.

  5. Hi Mark, I love your closeup photography, very creative. And vivid colours too, just as in 3D.
    Regret the only fungi or mushrooms I know are those in Campbell's mushroom soup....
    And recently been eating a lot of it as cooking is not one of my talents, opening cans is....reason was the wife went on a vacation.
    You have fun and keep well.
    Best regards.

  6. I wish I was better at identifying 'shrooms too. Theya re interesting to look at.

  7. What a collection Mark. Best to ask an expert before touching them.


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