Monday 22 October 2012

Harvest Monday - 22 October

I'm pleased to be able to report that we have not yet had any "proper" frost - just one night of slightly-below-zero temperatures, so the fruit and veg is still growing, and therefore I am still able to harvest a few things.

Home-grown Raspberries in October are a real treat, even if they're not plentiful. Even a handful like this can provide a nice boost to a bowl of ice-cream.

I wrote a few days ago about pulling the last of the beetroot, but here's a photo of the whole batch, just for the record.

I cut one of the Red Cabbages. It's tiny (about the size of a grapefruit), but very densely-packed, so it will certainly be sufficient for a 2-person serving.

We're eating an Endive every couple of days now. Mixed in with Radicchio and Lettuce it makes a very interesting salad, that scores well in terms of taste, colour and texture.

The beans of course are still going. This batch weighed-in at 800g.

Today I also want to give a mention to some of my herbs. They don't often get to be Centre Stage, and I seldom mention harvesting them, but we use lots of them, and to me herbs are an essential part of both my gardening and my cookery.

This is Mint - looking a bit tired and pale now, but the tips are still useable.

This is Parsley, a real staple ingredient, and one which I never have enough of.

And finally, probably my most favourite herb of all - Thyme:

I'll be entering this post to "Harvest Monday" on Daphne's Dandelions, so why not pop across there too and see what else people have been harvesting this week...


  1. A very nice harvest. I'd be pleased with that, especially at this time of year.

  2. I have to agree thyme is my favorite but mine always dies at the end of the season :( I had hoped that in the raised beds this year that it might live but it isn't looking so good.

  3. My herbs get short shrift too. I harvested rosemary to dry this last week, but it never got weighed. Whoops! They are too often forgotten.

  4. Even a small cabbage when tightly packed can produce plenty to eat!

  5. As fresh herbs go, thyme is probably the one that I use most often, but perhaps that is because it is always available in the garden. I rarely give the spotlight to the herbs that I harvest also. This week I cut back most of my basil and made a batch of pesto and have a big bunch of it sitting with the cut ends in water on the kitchen counter - did I even give it a passing mention in my harvest post - no, poor things. :(

    Lovely endive. I have a hard time growing it, it either gets munched or it bolts before I notice. Someday I'll figure out how to grow it properly.

  6. Very nice red cabbage! I am still getting a few raspberries as well and they don't last long in this house! It's nice to have colorful salads!

  7. Favorite of all Thyme? Nice harvest!

  8. You have quite a little farmers market going there Mark ;D
    A plentiful harvest indeed!

  9. I'm with you on the thyme Mark I use it more than anything else, parsley a close second. I leave my parsley to go to seed and it sows itself, I haven't bought parsley seed or plants for years.


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