Sunday 25 March 2012

March Miscellany

I recently found that I had lots of photos that were not in themselves sufficient to justify a blog-post of their own, so I have assembled a few of them into a miscellaneous collection for you...

This was a birthday present from Jane - a chilli-shaped wine bottle-stopper, made of glass.

Quickly put to use you will note... (Sainsbury's Taste The Difference Fairtrade Chilean Carmenere).

Willow catkin  - known sometimes as the "Pussy Willow"... Very characteristic of Spring.

Bluebell buds coming through, showing a bit of colour now.

Raindrops on the leaves of Aquilegia (Columbine)

A corner of my patio, with the recently tidied-up pot plants (mostly herbs). In the big black pots are Wallflowers

The husk of a Physalis fruit, left over from last year, entwined with a dead leaf.

Apple buds in head-on close-up

Cornus Alba "Kesselringii" (Dogwood)


You probably noticed, but these days I take photos of practically everything!


  1. The present was for Jane? or you? Actually I'm not one to talk I buy things for my partner that are actually for me all the time....

  2. Great photo's Mark and rightly on display as individuals.
    The husk of a Physalis fruit is amazing and the apple bud looks a little like 'ET phone home'!
    Thanks for bringing them into the light ;D

  3. That glass chilli wine bottle-stopper is so cute-talk about a conversation piece!!

  4. The physallis husk is so pretty, amazing. I love the bottle stopper, very appropriate.

  5. I think the Husk is my favorite pic of the bunch, though that stopper is attractive as well.


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