Friday 9 December 2011


Will the weather please make up its mind when Winter is going to happen? My bulbs are coming up already, only a few weeks after being planted.

They are going to get a shock if we do get some "proper" Winter weather...

The "Autumn Bliss" raspberries are still continuing to produce a few fruits too. Normally by this time of the year I have cut down the canes, but I keep leaving them a little longer.

"Autumn Bliss" - 3 December

The Oxalis "Burgundy Wine" is also sprouting strongly. It had died right down, with no leaves visible, but a new batch has appeared. The foliage is not frost-hardy, so this batch is doomed to have a very brief life, surely?

Oxalis "Burgundy Wine"

Even the Coreopsis "Early Sunrise", which I firmly associate with July and August, is still producing more flowers.

There are lots of little seedlings coming up in the soil where the Calendulas were. I'd like them to survive over the Winter, but I don't expect they will.

Calendula seed, sprouting in December

P.S. Since I wrote this I have seen how rough the weather has been in Scotland, so I suppose Winter HAS arrived in some parts of the UK.


  1. I was speaking to someone recently who was saying her bulbs were already sprouting as well. As much as I dislike the cold I do hope the proper winter starts soon, for the plants sake :)

  2. How interesting that you are not having a winter - we are not having a summer here either. It's been cold and bizarre and I am distinctly unhappy with it.

    I am feeling very sorry for your poor, unsuspecting plants - I have a feeling they are going to get a nasty shock!

  3. I know what you mean. My forsythia is in full bloom!! GG

  4. What a shame...they are so confused :^/

    It's great to see the new growth. Maybe just maybe you'll miss the worst of the winter ;D

  5. All that new growth! Did you not have some bad wind like they had in Scotland?

  6. Interesting to see how the mild weather so far is having an effect. Don't like the thought of your bulbs being shocked by cold weather to come :-/ That's how I'll feel. Autumn raspberries are looking good!

  7. Oh wow! The weather sure has been weird this year.


  8. We have had a very mild winter so far as well. I know we are in the South but normally we are cooler than this. I do remember one year when it was this warm however. I think Michelle was about 6 then and she is 18 now.

  9. Do you eat the calendula flowers? Although we are in summer, many of my plants died this week when we had just above 30 degree Celsius during the day. We are not even facing heat waves yet!

  10. Your post has prompted me to take a look around my own garden and see what's happening - I haven't ventured out much over the last few days, it has been far too cold and I am in 'hibernation' mode.

  11. Exactly the same here although we did just get below freezing last night but only just! -0.1

  12. It's -12C here this morning. Nothing blooming for sure! Enjoy your riches!

  13. We in Croatia still have a mild weather; the air temperature vary between 7 and 16°C, and so it is announced for the next week too. And, it is finally raining. At least, the heating bills are low!


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