Monday 19 December 2011

Mark's Veg Plot Chilli Award

I have decided to award this much-coveted (?) accolade to another of my blogging friends: Rebecca (Becky) Whitford of Simply Self-Sufficiency.

I think Becky deserves recognition for the following reasons:-
  • because she posts lots of interesting articles about many different subjects, including my two favourites - gardening and food
  • her relentless pursuit of good value and reduction of waste in food and other matters
  • her ambitious creative projects (did you read what she wrote about soap-making?)
  • her family values (e.g. proud support of two sons serving in the Army)
  • her prolific comments on other peoples' blogs, often presented with a wry sense of humour
Congratulations, Becky! Keep up the good work. Lots of us enjoy what you write.

And all the rest of you, please go and check out Becky's blog...


  1. Thank you Mark, that was really nice of you!

  2. Wow I love her site she does a absolute fabulous job good pick mark.

  3. I agree, a very worthy recipient of this illustrious award! Everything you say about her is so true!. I am always grateful for Becky's insightful comments and enjoy reading her blog.

  4. Love it. Great blog. Thanks for the recommend!


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