Sunday, 5 June 2011

Time is a great healer

Thyme is perhaps my favourite herb. It's versatile in the kitchen and a great plant for attracting bees.

Back in January, I photographed some of my Thyme plants in their Winter state - barely surviving in the very severe weather. Now after the passage of a fair bit of time (nearly 5 months), and as we  are now officially into Summer, I want to show you how these plants have recovered.

Here are two views of the same plant. Firstly on 13th January. Dessicated. Grey. Tough.

And then again on 30th May. Soft. Green. Blossoming.

This is a plant that I keep for ornamental purposes, rather than for culinary. It normally lives in a pot on the patio, surrounded by the Lavenders

For culinary purposes I also have a few Thyme plants along the side of my raised beds, near the fruit. In January, these looked very sorry for themselves, clearly unhappy in the cold wet soil, and cluttered up with dead leaves.

These plants too have recovered well, and their mass of flowers is currently doing its bit to attract pollinating bees.

The tiny flowers are individually insignificant,

But spectacular en masse.

Of course, whilst Thyme is undoubtedly decorative, for me it remains primarily a cooking ingredient!


  1. It's amazing how those bedraggled plants of winter recover. I love thyme too, especially as the bees love it.

  2. A must for every garden, looks good, attracts bees and tastes great!

  3. I have to agree Thyme is a wonderful plant both visually and culinary. Also hardy here in my Sub Tropical climate. I often brush my hand through it as I walk past my bit of Aromatherapy.

  4. Thyme is a great little regenerator. I always trim ours thinking why am I bothering? and then get the answer when it reshoots.

  5. I like thyme in the garden but not in cooking.

    I haven't done well with thymes in my present garden and now have only one - a trailing one with pretty deep coloured flowers. (Can't say what colour - neither blue nor purple.)

    The photo of the bee - something dramatic has happened to your photography over the last few months!


  6. Love the blooming thyme next to the lavender. It is "thyme" to cook dinner here; think I will do some seasoning with this favorite herb tonight!

  7. Oh wow, I love the first photo with the bee, fantastic shot Mark... I don't have any time growing - I am hopeless with herbs but you have inspired me and I am going to get off my butt and go get some. I'd like to try from seed, is that how you grow it?

  8. Interesting posts over the last few days; I'm always learning things from your blog!

  9. I adore thyme, especially lemon thyme, I love the way it smells as you brush against it, I love it baked with lemon in a whole snapper and I love how tough it is. Mine die over summer if they are in full sun so I take care to grow them in shade only. Your thyme recovered so well!

  10. I don't have this herb in our garden because I don't know how to use them. If I have the seeds I will grow them. Always curious how to use herbs.

  11. Thyme is great for the garden. You can cook with it, it attracts so many bees, and it is totally hardy. Ours was in the frozen soil under several feet of snow, and it survived and now looks glorious!


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