Wednesday, 29 June 2011

End-of-June flowers

The main emphasis of my garden is on the edible plants, but in this post I want to remind you that I also have a few plants that are primarily for decorative purposes...

Oxalis "Burgundy Wine"

The bright white flowers of the Oxalis contrast well with the deep purple foliage

The Olive tree has lots of flowers this year

The Dogwood is constantly changing its colours
Rose "Sunset Boulevard"

The same Rose, a few days later



Lavender "Hidcote" in close-up

Geranium "Lara"

Coreopsis "Early Sunrise"

Right, now back to the veg...


  1. Beautiful pictures Mark! I just read your recipe from yesterday....boy, now I'm hungry!

  2. June always seems to be a lull in between the spring and summer flower - good job we have roses!

  3. Very pretty photos of your lovely flowers. My garden is practically flowerless now---too hot except for a few things.

  4. Beautiful pictures. The first shot of the Oxalis Burgundy wine is stunning. BTW, I didn't know one could grow olives in the UK. You must do a post on the Olives. I can't grow them here in India, but I'd love to learn about them as I simply olives.
    Regdg the Calendula, I wonder if you use them for medicinal purposes. I've heard that the petals are edible and they can be used for many ailments.

  5. Lovely pics! I'm kinda coming round to the idea of flowers on my allotment this year (not that I ever hated the idea, I'd just never really considered it) so as a bit of a test I sprinkled one of those flower seed shaker packs onto a small unused bed and they've ended up really pretty. I should prob do a flower post too really... :)

  6. Thank you for this beauties. Lovely photographs.

  7. Anita; re Calendulas: No, we don't eat the flowers, although I know you can, and I'm not much into herbal remedies. The olive tree is just a novelty. Although the tree looks nice, it is not likely to produce any viable fruit. Our climate is just not suitable! Maybe some of our blogging friends in Greece will write something about Olives for us. Ellada, can you help?

  8. Pretty! Sorry I've not been around your blog much recently, but from dipping in it looks like your edibles are romping away in great style. All this and flowers too - very satisfying!


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