Friday, 17 June 2011

The promise of good things to come

Late June and early July is the time when my garden really kicks into production. At present, many of my crops are showing promise without being quite ready to pick.

Is this an omen? Broad Beans doing the V-for-Victory sign.

Bush tomatoes "Maskotka"

These are some of the things that are already cropping or approaching readiness:
Broad Beans
Perpetual spinach
Kohlrabi (maybe!)
Hamburg Parsley

Curly Endive at the foot of the Broad Beans

Beetroot "Red Ace" - at the "baby beet" stage?
The Golden beetroot hasn't started to swell yet

The Chard is nearly there - perhaps a little small still

Carrots - hardly a huge crop, but looking healthy still (maybe the carrot-fly has not noticed them up there on the table)

The first of my "Bush Baby" marrows (eaten already!)
What we need now is the right weather to allow us to do a bit of "al fresco" dining. I really enjoy eating dinner outside, surrounded by all my flowers and veg. Mind you, the veg probably don't enjoy it so much, seeing the fate that awaits them!


  1. You are right. Everything is almost there, just not quite!!

    All your veg looks great especially the Beetroot which caught my eye. It's one of my favourite things to grow.

    Have a great weekend.


  2. love the taste of marrow butter and blackpepper will have to see if I can grow that here next year.Mark your garden is looking really green and I love the carrot bowl.

  3. And soon you won't know what to pick first.

  4. Wow, the V is for victory. Your veg is looking fab, way ahead of me. Already I'm seeing things I can do differently next year. Its tough learning to grow new plants... and I often think when will I know when to harvest? Anyways, always enjoy seeing your posts and progress.

  5. Love your photos mark, we are into our winter crops now here in Australia, so I am very jealous.

  6. Mark that bush baby is no baby! It's huge!! I still don't really see what they are though... a big zucchini?

    Next time you have one for dinner, would you cut it open so I can see inside?

    And gee everything looks like it's doing well. I don't blame you for wanting to eat outside - when I come for dinner that's where I'd like to sit :)

  7. What an exciting time! Looks like you are on the verge of having all the veg you can handle!

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  9. So many veggies! Can't wait for the harvest.

  10. So many choices to pick Mark! Would really enjoy watching what you will be harvesting since we are slowing down here in winter. Do you eat baby beets top too? I have to thin them and some are the size of baby beets so I was wondering what to do with them.

  11. Your garden is fabulous, Mark. I cannot help but marvel at the neatness, the order...but also at the wonderful growth. You are a wonder, Mr Willis.

  12. Wonderful vegetables. I have to pick up the first red currant fruit these days...


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