Friday 15 April 2011

Fauna in Flora

This is just a collection of photos of plants in my garden. But some of them have an unexpected additional element of interest which you only notice when the photo is zoomed - such as the spider on this pear blossom... I took the photo of the pear blossom, not the spider (which in truth is very tiny)

Spiders are obviously fairly common in my garden. I only noticed this one on a sprig of Sage as I was editing the photo.

This is a flower on one of the Land Cress plants, that has gone to seed

 Look closely and you'll see the aphids clustered around the flowers...

You've seen this one before - but it fits the theme, doesn't it?

Here's another unexpected element. I saw this little tiny daisy-shaped fungus growing alongside one of my Cucumber seedlings. I spotted it first thing in the morning. When I first saw it, it was standing upright. By the time I had been to fetch the camera and got it ready, a matter of only five minutes or so, the fungus had already wilted and flopped over. An hour later there was no sign of it at all . "Sic transit Gloria", as they say...

This is a leaf of a young Marrow plant, with the morning sun shining through it, highlighting all its veins.

And here is the Red Basil. I am growing this as a baby leaf salad ingredient.

I'm very keen on baby leaf salad at present. A couple of days ago we ate the first batch of Oriental "Daddy Salad", served with a yummy dressing made with Soy sauce, vegetable oil, Sesame sauce, very finely-chopped red chilli, and a squeeze of lime juice.

In this mixture were the first leaves of Tokyo Bekana, with which I was very impressed - succulent yet firmer than lettuce, and tasty too.


  1. Great post and great blog. Love the daisy shaped fungus. It makes you wonder what goes on behind our backs! I am hoping to have my first salad in the next week or two, yours looks great. Good work. Trevor.

  2. Your photos are great! It's amazing what you see in a photo that you don't see when you are taking it!

  3. Nice shots. I always did not notice there were actually some critters when I snap photos. Just realised they were there when I look back at the photos.

  4. Yummy, I do love baby leaf salad. I've had a few sandwich fillings worth from the batch I sowed in the greenhouse, now am sowing outside, but the blackbirds keep fossiking around in the troughs so who knows what will germinate...

  5. Love the flora/fauna photos! That daisy fungus is adorable -- so glad you caught it even in the wilted stage. I've never seen one like it, probably because they are more than ephemeral. We've been eating baby salads all week and I completely understand your enthusiasm. :)


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