Sunday 10 April 2011

Fern "Dryopteris Erythrosora"

My new fern, Dryopteris Erythrosora, is beginning to spring into life...

The new leaves appear initially like tightly-coiled rust-coloured springs, pushing up from amongst the green fronds. There is something "prehistoric" about these - to me they look slightly sinister.

In a day or two they will unfurl and turn a lovely fresh green colour

This is a photo of a fern which I think is quite similar. It is one that arrived in my garden a few years ago as a volunteer. During the Summer it produces a mass of feathery green leaves, which develop a golden tinge as the Autumn approaches. I posted about dividing and re-potting it last October.

It is now two plants, which have been over-wintered inside one of my plastic mini-greenhouses. They are just beginning to re-grow. I can see the new leaf-buds swelling.

The offspring of these are now planted as a screen in front of my cucumber-growing tub. Looks like these are going to be well suited to the task...


  1. In the first picture I thought the furled fern was an insect! Looks alien. Great shots Mark!

  2. I don't know well about kinds of ferns but that "transformation" is very interesting!
    I think that is one of things which typically represents how spring season can give a life, and beauty to all plants!

  3. I've never grown ferns, but I find them fascinating how they unfurl.

  4. Stunning photos Mark. I agree, ferns are very prehistoric - in fact aren't they one of the genus that have been on earth the longest?

  5. I really love ferns but sadly I think our tree fern is compost this year!

  6. Mark my bloglist has a link to a post called Gardening Beauties but when I click the link it says that the page doesn't exsist and it isn't showing either when I visit your blog

  7. Your pictures are amazing and they do indeed look like something prehistoric.


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