Sunday 24 April 2011

Easter roundup

Here are some photos that demonstrate the state of play in my garden this Easter...

The glossy new leaves of the Bronze Maple tree have burst out enthusiastically.

The Bay trees' flowers are unobtrusive, and very slow to develop. The buds have been visible for weeks now.

The leaves are looking dull at present, with a matt finish, and many of them are turning yellow. These ones will drop off over the next few weeks, and new ones will appear where the flowers have been.

This is the Cotinus "Royal Purple" putting on its new livery.

The Jurassic Park-style fronds of the fern Dryopteris Erythrosora are lengthening and unfurling.

And my other ferns (the ones I divided and re-potted in the Autumn) are also putting up lots of new fronds.

The delicate pink-tinged white bells of the Blueberries are slowly swelling.

More gorgeous golden hues are showing on the Dogwoods!

The greater light levels ensure that the Golden Hops live up to their name.

The Cherry tree has put out a few shoots near its base, They look lovely, but I will remove them to encourage the tree to put more of  its energy into branches higher up the trunk.

The Pear tree's blossom has fallen now, and little fruitlets are beginning to form. I just hope that the bees have done their job, and that many of these fruitlets go on to become mature fruit.

This is a colour combination I adore - the deep purple of the Cotinus set off against the backdrop of the golden Dogwood.

Even the central head of the "White Eye" sprouting broccoli looks spectacular - almost like a traditional cauliflower, in fact.

And the Cavolo Nero plant is STILL going strong. I love the symmetry of this cluster of flowers... It reminds me of a compass rose (Not a plant you know, but one of those things that shows the points of the compass.)

This is my favourite time of year! Everything is looking fresh, vigorous and full of promise.


  1. I love this time of year too - I love it when the ferns start to send up new fronds but our bay tree was a winter casualty I'm afraid

  2. Beatiful pictures!

  3. Everything showing lots of promise. That's a lovely colour combination of the Cotinus against the Dogwood.

  4. The White Eye looks good, bigger head than my PSB. Still cropping though which is great at this time of year.

  5. Beautiful photos, Mark. It's hard to know where to look next at this time of year. I'm struck by how many copper/gold tones there are in the foliage you've shown us.

  6. Absolutely stunning photos, Mark! Wow, I had to go back and look several times.

  7. I agree, your photos are lovely. I especially like those blueberry flowers. I think fairies would turn those up and use them as cups.

  8. Oh the blueberries and pears, how blooming exciting! Are you doing anything special for your blueberries?

  9. Great photos Mark, your camera seems to have become an extension of your eye! I love golden hop and the glossiness of the acer leaves. My favourite time of year too - until Autumn of course, which I also love. Fickle? Moi?!

  10. Lovely photos I agree exciting times


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