Sunday 22 August 2010

The "volunteer" Sunflower

I noticed recently that I have another uninvited guest in the garden.

For some weeks now I have been observing the slow but steady growth of the new shoots on my Blueberry plants. Most of them have come up strong and straight. Next Spring these will produce the flowers that will eventually turn into fruits. However, one of them has flowered this week -- and turns out to be not a Blueberry at all, but a Sunflower, growing in a Blueberry pot. Although it's not very big, it's pretty, so I'll leave it be. I suspect that it originates from one of the seeds in my bird-feeder at the bottom of the garden (which I normally keep filled with Sunflower kernels, which the Finches go mad for).

Here's a couple of photos...

The volunteer Sunflower

The volunteer Sunflower

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