Wednesday 18 August 2010

August 18th

Just a few little snippets today....

Noticed this evening that the first Ildi tomatoes are nearly ready now. They go from green to yellow incredibly quickly. I'm looking forward to a multi-coloured tomato salad at the weekend. We should have red, yellow and black fruits by them...

Ildi tomatoes -- nearly ripe

How about this for an oddity? I harvested a "Twin" Currant Goldrush tomato -- two fruits joined together, sharing one stem.

Twin fruits of Currant Goldrush

I thought you might also like to see a picture of our dinner (photograhed by Jane before I got home from work...) It's a Mexican-style pot-roast involving beef, tomatillos and chillis. The tomatillos break down to form a tasty sauce. Yum! We have been trying to think how to describe the taste of tomatillos, but we have concluded that they taste of.... tomatillos. They're not like anything else we have encountered.

Beef casserole with tomatillos

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