Tuesday 17 August 2010

Plot layout

Some readers may be thinking that I have a big garden, but it isn't big, it's just highly productive. Today I took a picture of the plot from an upstairs window, so that you can see what it looks like.

The plot layout

You can see the 6 raised beds quite clearly. In the background you can perhaps make out my 3 Minarette fruit trees, against the fence. I have one each of plum (Victoria), apple (Scrumptious) and pear (Conference).

All along the fence there are the raspberry canes (Autumn Bliss). I hope to be reporting on their output shortly...

You can also see in the picture (bottom right) the little white table that I have been using as a "pedestal" for photographing the crops!

In this next shot you can see the paved patio area -- which I like to describe (optimistically) as our "Outdoor Dining Room". I have tried to create a sort of "Continental Courtyard" effect, with the potted standard bay trees, a little potted olive tree, herbs, lavender etc. We love to sit here on a warm summer's evening, enjoying a pre-dinner cocktail and taking in the surroundings. (Haven't used this area much for a few weeks now, due to the poor weather). You will notice that there is no grass in my garden (with the exception of a tiny patch out at the front). This is because I found it too time-consuming and physically demanding to keep cutting grass - and it never repaid the effort anyway! So I had the grass removed and replaced with 25mm shingle, which looks good and is easy to maintain.

The patio -- our Outdoor Dining Room (sometimes)
It's a shame about the washing-line, isn't it? Rather spoils the "Continental Courtyard" effect, but we have to be realistic -- drying clothes is as much part of our lives as growing veg! Actually, the idea was that the clothes line would be removable whenever we felt this to be desirable, say when we have a family barbecue, but the pole has become rusted-in and defies all attempts to remove it! (Yes, I have tried WD40)

Here's a close-up of the lavender and herbs. There's also a spectacular Burgundy Oxalis in a stylish grey pot -- a Father's Day present from my daughter Emma. That girl has Good Taste!

Lavender, herbs -- and tomatoes

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