Sunday 15 August 2010

Open for business!


Welcome to my new Blog!

My name is Mark, and I live in Fleet, in North-East Hampshire, United Kingdom. My house is a typical English 1990's urban property, with a small but secluded back garden (about 10 metres square)

I am a keen gardener with a passion for growing edible plants -- vegetables, fruit and herbs of many different varieties. I am also a keen "Foodie", with a strong interest in eating what my garden produces (aided and abetted by my wife Jane, who is a very accomplished cook).

 I have recently been inspired to take some photographs of the crops I produce, and I have set up this blog mainly to showcase these pictures. My plan is to document some of my gardening successes and failures in words and pictures, and to discuss these with like-minded friends (and perhaps to inspire a few beginners in this very rewarding pastime?)

Maybe some of you will already know of me? My garden was recently featured in the Readers Plots section of the September 2010 edition of the well-known gardening magazine The Kitchen Garden

A general view of the garden, with the raised beds in the distance

A corner of the patio, with the barbecue nearby

This is my "Outdoor Dining Room"
The back of my house, with pots of tomatoes, tomatillos etc


  1. Welcome to blotanical! I found your blog via blotanical.

    Congratulations on the startup of this blog and also having your garden featured in a well-known garden magazine. Well done! I like your blog because it is about family, food and the kitchen garden. Do keep up the good work.

  2. Hi,Mark! Welcome to blotanical world!
    And thank you for visiting my blog!

    I'm very happy to know a blogger from UK has come to my blog since I lived in the northern suburb of London about 20 years ago.

    Your garden is beautiful and well-organized.
    I hope we can exchange ideas and opinions not only on gardening but on cooking, eating and things in UK.


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