Wednesday 18 August 2010

Cucumber Salad

Those of you have read my blog post on Cucurbits, and/or my August 17th post which includes the "Meatballs with baked beetroot " recipe will know what this is about...

This is a way of serving cucumber in a rather more ambitious way than just sliced into rings. I discovered this in the USA earlier this year, when we celebrated the wedding of our younger daughter Fiona and her husband Juan Fernando (aka Juanfi), who is from Panama. For the wedding the Willis family contingent stayed in a lovely Guest House / Boutique B&B in the upstate New York town of Palenville. This establishment is run by an Englishman (Michael Clark) with a French wife (Christine). It's called The Clark House  Michael and Christine are delightful hosts and very accomplished chefs. They served us a succession of lovely meals, one of which was a brunch comprised of several different dishes -- including this cucumber salad.

Here's the gist of it...

Grow some cucumbers (plan ahead!)

Harvest the cucumbers
Get everything ready for prep

Peel the cucumber

Slice the cucumber into very thin ribbons with the peeler

Season liberally with salt and pepper

Serve the salad with Meatballs and baked beetroot -- or whatever you fancy

For these photographs I have used one of my favourite dishes -- a piece of Gmundener Keramik pottery from the town of Gmunden in Austria. Their trademark style is this 'informal' arrangement of green designs on white ceramic ware. We love it! (and have several pieces of it...)

I hope you enjoy the salad as much as we did!

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