Monday 16 August 2010

August 16th

Rough winds do shake the darling buds August???

There has been some very strong wind in Fleet today, and it caused a bit of an issue with some of my tomatoes. The Ildi plants are groaning with fruit which is just beginning to swell, so they were perhaps a bit top-heavy and their supporting canes just gave up -- snapped clean off at compost level.

Ildi toppled over by the wind - Aug 16th

Fortunately I have been at home today, and I was able to administer emergency first aid -- I have set the plants upright again and have supported them with three canes each now. Let's hope that does the trick. Actually what I really want is for the fruits to ripen so that I can pick them and lighten the load a bit! Could have been worse...

Later on, my little granddaughter Lara helped me to give all the tomatoes a restorative drink.

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