Monday 16 August 2010

Lara and the tomatoes

Lara is our granddaughter. Her mother Emma is our daughter, who is a working mum, so Lara would normally be at the child-minder's today. This week the child-minder is on holiday, so Lara is spending some time with grandparents -- we don't mind (especially since she is already showing signs of being as fanatical about fruit and veg as her grandfather...)

Emma is the author of a blog specialising in baby-related issues, called Mellow Mummy -- check it out if this might be of interest...

Here are some pictures taken at lunch-time today -- Lara sampling the Maskotka toms. She found them very much to her liking!

Lara checks-out the Maskotka tomatoes -- Pick Your Own, anyone?
Tastes good!
How many can I eat before Grandpa stops me???

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