Sunday 15 August 2010


I usually grow several varieties of tomato -- it's one of my (many) favourite vegetables

I don't have a greenhouse, so all my plants are grown outdoors, in big tubs and pots. Unfortunately, in many years blight is a significant problem, and I often lose a fair proportion of the crop. This year, I have escaped the blight altogether so far, so let's hope it stays that way.

My favourite variety is Ferline, which is the most blight-resistant one available (though even it won't survive a bad dose, as I know to my cost). Here are some pictures:-

Ferline -- late July

Ferline nearly ready for picking - Aug 10th

Ferline awaiting the chef's attention... Aug 13th

Other varieties of tomato I am growing this year are:
Maskotka (bush type, small red fruits)

Here is Sungella -- only a couple have ripened so far, and I forgot to photograph them before we ate them!
Sungella in early August

Sungella ripening - Aug 15th
These are Black Cherry. Not yet black, but they will be, eventually...
Black Cherry - July 30th
Black Cherry - August 15th
Here is Ildi -- it produces enormous numbers of small yellow, plum-shaped fruits. None ripe just yet...

Ildi - at the flower stage
Ildi at the green fruit stage - August 15th
Finally, Currant Goldrush -- masses of very tiny orangey-yellow currant-sized fruit. A very unruly plant!

Currant Goldrush
Currant Goldrush - August 15th
And finally, finally, if you like tomatoes at all, I expect you will enjoy this photo...

A variety of tomatoes, with chillis and tomatillos

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