Saturday, 15 June 2019

Potting up Sage cuttings

Back in April I wrote about taking some cuttings of Sage in order to try "re-stocking" with that herb, which we use a lot more than we used to, now that Jane and I have got really keen on cooking Italian food. I mentioned that this time I was going to try rooting the cuttings in water.

Well, it worked. Several of the cuttings rooted nicely (though I have to admit that some went mouldy and had to be discarded!). Once I was sure that the cuttings were viable I put them info individual small pots, filled with compost, like this:

A couple of days ago I decided to pot them on into something bigger, because although they are nice healthy young plants, they were beginning to outgrow those small pots

I have quite a lot of herbs growing in glazed pots, so I selected something which would be in keeping with the general theme...

If you're wondering why these plants are going to grow in a pot and not in open soil, it's for two reasons: first, the only vacant place I have is in a North-facing border where the soil is very poor, and these plants will certainly be more likely to thrive in a pot of decent compost.

Second, I like having plants in pots because they are mobile - I can move them around and re-arrange them whenever I feel like it!


  1. I have never lucky with The latest trial, the seed germinated successfully and grow as healthy little plants. But the plants withered suddenly. I don't know why. Have any advice, please.

  2. Mark, The last picture with the herbs and glazed pots is very pleasing to the eye. What is the red flower?

    Endah, I don't know where you live, but I live in southern California and can't grow culinary sage either. I have successfully started 6 other kinds - pineapple, 'Hot Lips', coccinea, leucantha (2 forms) and a blue one - from cuttings just plunged into a pot. So all I can give you is sympathy.

    1. Jane, the red flower is Geum "Mrs.Bradshaw". It has those incredibly long stems!

  3. I grow all our garden herbs in pots too.


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