Monday, 23 December 2013

Harvest Monday - 23rd December 2013

Well, it's Christmas week, but I've still managed to harvest a couple of things from the garden. First, some Parsnips:

Parsnip "Gladiator F1"

These were the ones served alongside the Roast Partridges we at a few days ago.

Parsnip "Gladiator F1"

As well as the Parsnips I also managed to get two small Curly Endives.

Curly Endive

They were not really 100% mature, but I felt it was justifiable to pick them because we were having Rack of Lamb with Gratin Dauphinois, a very favourite meal of ours, with which we traditionally eat Endive dressed with French Dressing. This meal is just not the same without the Endive!

I normally like to blanch the Endives for a week or ten days before harvesting, but this time I had not foreseen the requirement.

Here are the Endives after preparation (the outer leaves are always a bit tough and tatty, and need to be discarded):

What remained was still a decent-sized serving for two people, nonetheless.

That's it for this week then. Let me finish by wishing all you Harvest Monday people out there a happy holiday. I'm sure that many of you will be making plans for what to buy / build / sow / plant for next year, so I wish you sweet dreams on that score too! :-)


  1. The garden is frozen solid. Nice to see you harvesting. Merry Christmas to you, Jane and your family.

  2. It is a beautiful harvest for this time of the year. I wish I were picking something fresh this week. Merry Christmas!

  3. I've only got one thing left to harvest and that's parsnips. I shall be packing Hubby off to the lottie tomorrow to do some harvesting for Christmas lunch. No Christmas dinner is complete without parsnips.

  4. I thought when first reading this that I had never tried endive. But it looks like a lettuce that is served in mixed green salads. Am I right? If so I need to start growing it!! Im not as familiar with a lot of veggies because for so many years I battled sensory dysfunction and pickiness. It's the main reason I finally started to garden. Better late than never huh? lol

    1. Karrie; Yes, endive is often included in mixed salads. It is the "frizzy" one. It has a firmer texture than most lettuces, and a slightly bitter taste (easily removed via blanching if you don't enjoy it). And yes, it's never too late to start liking and growing veg!

  5. The endive looks wonderful, not battered at all, and it sounds like a delicious meal. Wishing you both a happy Christmas.

  6. Beautiful and fresh endive! Look so appetizing

  7. Parsnip is not a commonly eaten vegetable in the US. I should buy some!

    Happy Holidays, and thank you for giving everyone a glimpse into your garden.

  8. Wishing You, Jane and your growing little family a happy a Christmas holiday. Thank you as always for your kindness and genuine warmth you have shown me over the years. Happy Christmas x


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