Thursday, 5 December 2013

Autumn gales - not completely bad...

The UK, especially the Northern and Eastern parts, is currently experiencing another severe storm. Fortunately we here in Hampshire are not too badly affected. Yes, the wind is pretty strong, but not (yet at least) strong enough to inflict structural damage. The worst we have had so far is that some barriers and signs associated with excavations being carried out by Southern Gas Networks were blown out into the road, causing a hazard to traffic. Once I reported this they sent someone to sort it out, but I think they might have to do it again!

In my garden the wind has actually done me a favour by sweeping up all the fallen leaves into a nice neat pile.

I have been watching this happen. The wind seems to blow round the inside of my garden perimeter in a circular movement, like a miniature tornado. The coldframe has almost disappeared.

When the wind dies down I'll nip outside quickly and scoop as many as possible of those leaves into my leafmould bin, and put the rest in plastic sacks. They are dry at present and should be easy enough to handle.

I hope everyone else is safe, and hasn't suffered any damage or casualties.


  1. Just testing as I sent a comment and it seems to have disappeared

  2. Right trying again.
    It was our refuse collection day today which meant rubbish was put out last night and we ended up with everyone's plastic and paper in our garden! There were wheelie bins and the silly crates, that had emptied themselves of the plastic that they are supposed to hold, heading in all directions. The crates are fairly useless in a strong breeze. On top of that no-one came to collect the plastic - probably thought it was a waste of time.

  3. The wind helps us rake too. Right now we have a couple of nice piles to pick up.

  4. Quick, get out there and get them swept up before the wind carries them off again. My greenhouse is in bits and a fence panel is down, but apart from that not too much damage. The wind's starting to ease up a bit now, thank goodness.

  5. D****d weather, just a stiff cold westerly breeze here in Somerset today with some sunshine, a lovely day down the plot was had.

  6. The fallen leaves must be a fine compost.

  7. We've had some bad gales, knocking down community and town Christmas trees mostly. It seems a late Autumn with leaves still coming down.

  8. Most of the leaves seem to have ended up in our pond and those trees that were hanging on to their leaves have now been stripped - the leaf hoover will definitely be put into service this weekend.

    1. Yes, I plan to do the same. My leaf-sucker / blower thing also chops the leaves up small, which helps save space and speeds up decomposition.


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