Saturday, 5 October 2013

Tomato salad and chillis

I have put this post together simply to showcase the Tomato salad that I prepared this evening.

I deliberately set out to make this salad into a piece of "Food Art". I used several different types of tomato, cut in several different ways, and garnished the salad with springs of fresh herbs from the garden.

Star of the show was this huge 500g "Ferline" tomato...

This salad was an accompaniment to some sirloin steaks from our local butcher (which are always good), served with chips made from "Pink Fir Apple" potatoes and a bottle of our favourite St.Chinian wine - Chateau la Dournie.

I think I can also squeeze in a couple of photos of some chillis I picked today...
"Numex Suave Orange", "Aji Limon", "Cayenne" and an unknown Turkish one 

The yellow "Aji Limon" is really nice - distinctly citrussy, and lovely and hot. Most of the chillis have been very mild this year, so it is good to get some that aren't.


  1. Beautiful tomatoes and I love the chilis that look like little yellow pumpkins.

  2. Wonderful. I thought my Ferlines were a good size until I saw yours, it's fantastic! Your salad looks delicious, so inviting.

  3. Such incredible tomatoes in that salad. I can only imagine eating it drenched in olive oil and sprinkled with salt. Maybe some soft mozzarella too. Gorgeous!!

  4. Just stunning colours and shapes.

  5. Its lovely how the tomatoes are presented. Looks very appetizing.

  6. Beautiful tomatoes, love the different colours.

  7. Very artistically presented Mark ;D
    You'll be painting next!

  8. They look great - very photogenic subjects.


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